At Shift-MVA, we believe in keeping our pricing structure as simple as possible. There are three ways we can work together:

1. Ad hoc VA support

2. Regular VA support on a monthly retainer basis

3. Online Business Manager (OBM) Support

One off tasks or less than 10 hours administrative support per month

£40 GBP per hour

Charged in 15 minute increments

Minimum 1 hour per month

These packages allow you to reserve our time especially for you for a specific number of hours per month

Discounted rate of £38 GBP per hour

Minimum 10 hours support per month

Payment for these packages is required on the 1st of each month

If you’re looking for support with running your whole business, rather than particular tasks, then this support is for. From managing all your business’ operations and the people delivering them to taking your idea and running with it all the way to delivery – if you’re looking for the ultimate way to spend as much time as possible doing what only you can do best – let’s chat!

Prices start from £55 GBP per hour

Our time is tracked using an app and tracking reports are available on request.

Any hours worked in addition to those purchased in the retainer package are charged at the ad hoc rate unless previously discussed and agreed in writing.

Please contact us directly for further information on pricing and packages.

Features of working with a Virtual Assistant and/or Online Business Manager

Gain Time

Increase productivity & business

More focus for what you do best

Reduce stress

Save Money

Zero outgoings for tax, National Insurance, holiday pay, benefits or pensions 

No provision needed for an office or equipment

Flexible hours & payment options 

No HR requirements or recruitment fees

Rest Assured

GDPR Compliant & Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (registered # A8405043)

Fully insured